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Training & Workshops

Staff training and development is the key to driving your business forward.

Your business cannot afford to stand still. If you're not actively improving soft-skills, systems or leaders in your organisation, you will get left behind. Our workshops are the fastest way to get your staff up to speed and working together.

"To The Point" training programmes help you get real results for your business. Our unique training and workshops focus on the unique ways your company runs, and will allow you and your staff to improve performance, reduce workplace tensions and provide a better customer experience.

What training does "To The Point" offer?

Each training program is customised to your business needs. We accommodate your unique ways of working, and the current abilities or skills of your staff.

We run workshops and training programs on the following topics:

  • Back-office systems and processes: This training focuses on administration and support staff who are not client-facing. Improve these systems and up-skill your employees in this area and you will see an immediate improvement in the day-to-day running of your business.
  • Front-of-house and customer service: Managing the day-to-day operations of a client-facing business is no easy task. Make sure your staff know how to delight customers, handle common situations that arise and prevent disasters before they happen.
  • Management and Leadership: Good leadership means you enable others to contribute towards business success. Improve traits like problem-solving, decision making, communications and managing yourself.
  • Sales training: Want better results for your entire company? Help your sales team perform better through effective training. This includes communication, tactics and strategies, inter-personal skills and closing sales.
  • Soft skills training: Communication, interpersonal and professional skills are required and relevant for each staff member in your company. Without them, your staff will struggle to work in a team, effectively problem-solve or even lead themselves or others. Poor soft-skills can also result in a poor work-ethic. How do your staff relate to each-other, and to you? The focus of this training is to improve emotional intelligence and awareness across your entire company.

What benefits will I get from "To The Point" Training Programs?

  • Keep up with industry changes:  Industries are constantly changing - a business needs to develop to avoid being left behind. It’s also important to make sure you are complying with industry regulations, which can be achieved through ongoing training and making sure your staff’s skills and knowledge are up-to-date.
  • Staying ahead of competitors: Standing still can kill your business. By making sure your staff are constantly advancing, you will continue to move forward and remain competitive within the marketplace.
  • Improving weaknesses and skill gaps: With regular training, a business can easily identify gaps in the market, and skill gaps in their existing workforce. By identifying these gaps early, you can avoid problems later-on and help your staff perform better now.
  • Maintaining knowledge and skills: Although one off training may be provided to new starters or other employees, it’s important that training is put in place to help develop skills throughout their job. To retain knowledge, skills need to be practiced and refreshed on a regular basis.
  • Advancing employee skills:Once you have invested in providing basic skills, you can build on them to provide many more benefits to your business. Staff that know more can bring more to the table, and your business will share in the rewards.

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